Discover Les Trésoms Lake & Spa Resort: An ecological refuge in the heart of Annecy

The prestige of a Green Key hotel in Annecy

Located in an idyllic setting on the shores of Lake Annecy, Les Trésoms Lake & Spa Resort is much more than just a hotel: it's an immersive experience in an environment where luxury meets sustainability. This green-key hotel in Annecy is a true feat in the world of responsible hospitality, combining rigorous ecological practices with exceptional comfort.

A commitment to eco-responsibility

Acknowledged as a "clef verte" hotel, Les Trésoms highlights its efforts to promote greener tourism. From the use of renewable energy to sustainable resource management, every aspect of your stay is designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing your experience.

Luxurious, eco-friendly rooms

Each room in this eco-responsible hotel offers a perfect fusion of elegance and ecological practices. The materials used are chosen for their low environmental impact and their ability to create a relaxing and luxurious ambience, making every stay both a comfortable and conscious experience.

Sustainable gastronomy at the hotel restaurant

Les Trésoms hotel restaurant is not only renowned for its exceptional cuisine; it is also a pillar of sustainable gastronomy. As a hotel restaurant in Annecy, it offers dishes made from local and seasonal produce, supporting local producers and reducing the ecological footprint of the meals served.

An eco-designed spa for relaxation

The hotel spa, a sanctuary of well-being, adopts environmentally-friendly practices without compromising quality. The treatments on offer use organic and natural products, in keeping with the hotel's eco-friendly philosophy. It's the ideal place to relax after a day of exploration or conferences, especially for those coming for a wellness weekend in Annecy or a seminar in Annecy.

Join us for a lasting stay

When you choose Les Trésoms Lake & Spa Resort, you're not just choosing a hotel; you're opting for a way of life. With its privileged location, high-quality services and commitment to sustainability, this green hotel offers the perfect getaway for those looking to combine luxury with respect for the environment. Visit our reservations page or contact us via our contact page to plan your eco-friendly stay in Annecy.

In conclusion, Les Trésoms Lake & Spa Resort is not just a place to stay; it's a destination that transforms tourism into an enriching, planet-friendly experience. Join us to discover what sustainable tourism really means.


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