Les Trésoms Lake & Spa Resort: Your eco-responsible destination in Annecy

A deep commitment to ecology

Les Trésoms Lake & Spa Resort is more than just an eco-responsible hotel in Annecy; it's an experience where luxury and respect for the environment meet in harmony. Located in the heart of Annecy's picturesque countryside, this hotel is constantly innovating to ensure a sustainable, environmentally-friendly stay. By incorporating practices such as resource efficiency and bearing the prestigious Clef Verte label, Les Trésoms demonstrates its commitment to preserving the natural beauty of its region.

A Clef Verte hotel at the cutting edge of eco-responsibility

The award of the Clef Verte label to Les Trésoms underscores the hotel's ongoing efforts to offer first-rate hospitality while minimizing its ecological impact. This label, synonymous with environmental quality, is the fruit of a series of eco-responsible initiatives that position the hotel as a benchmark eco hotel in Annecy. Waste management, rational use of water and energy, and the choice of local and organic products are at the heart of its sustainability policy.

Rooms designed for ecological well-being

Every room at Les Trésoms reflects an ecological conscience, with sustainable materials and energy-saving technologies. This eco-friendly hotel offers not only unrivalled comfort but also the peace of mind of contributing to greener tourism. Guests can relax in elegant surroundings in the knowledge that their stay has a positive impact on the environment.

Gastronomy and sustainability at the gourmet restaurant

The hotel's gourmet restaurant, a culinary escape that combines flavor and sustainability, is a must for anyone staying at Les Trésoms. Using local and seasonal ingredients, the restaurant helps support the local economy and reduces the carbon footprint, making it a green hotel in every respect.

The spa in Annecy: luxury and nature

For those seeking relaxation, the spa at Hôtel Les Trésoms offers a range of wellness treatments in an environment that scrupulously respects ecological principles. This oasis of calm is the perfect complement to your stay in Annecy, allowing you to revitalize while being at one with nature.

Make a commitment to greener tourism

When you choose Les Trésoms Lake & Spa Resort, not only are you opting for a luxurious stay, you're also supporting a Green Key hotel model. We invite you to discover our commitment to sustainable tourism and to contribute to our efforts for a greener future. For more information or to book your stay, please visit our reservations page or our contact page.

In short, Les Trésoms Lake & Spa Resort embodies the perfect harmony between luxury and respect for the environment, making it the eco-friendly hotel par excellence in Annecy. Whether you come for the scenery, the comfort or the ecological commitment, Les Trésoms promises a memorable and responsible experience.


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