Our commitments for civil society and the planet

Les Trésoms Lake and Spa Resort Annecy (52 rooms, 2 villas with 8 suites and 50 employees) has been committed for several years to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach. The establishment also obtained the Clef Verte label in 2011, an international environmental reference label for tourist accommodation. Since 2017, the establishment has participated in the government environmental label project. These good environmental and societal practices are numerous and the owners Véronique and Pascal Droux are at the initiative of the process in which they are involved. Thus, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach is shared within Sogehore companies and its holding Ensemble. A steering committee meets several times a year to organize, develop and communicate the environmental and societal policy of Les Trésoms. Each year, this defines the action plan for improving our practices. We present to you the actions that we lead and those that we plan.



Green Key

La Clef Verte is a voluntary label awarded each year by an independent jury to the entire ecological tourist accommodation sector: hotels, campsites, lodges, guest rooms, tourist residences, etc. The jury asks to monitor the progress and improvements of the candidates. The criteria are established at the international level and common to all countries. They are re-evaluated every year in order to maintain the avant-garde and meet the environmental requirements of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). This reassessment is carried out jointly with all of the label's national coordinations. France hosted the international coordination from 2002 to 2008. From now on, the Netherlands is in charge.

The criteria cover different fields of environmental management:

ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY: general environmental management, employee training

WATER MANAGEMENT: resource management and sanitation, taps, watering

WASTE MANAGEMENT: sorting waste, reducing volumes

ENERGY MANAGEMENT: management of energy resources, heat, household equipment, lighting

RESPONSIBLE PURCHASING: food, maintenance, other purchases

LIVING ENVIRONMENT: indoor environment, outdoor environment

ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS: information for guests, nature activities In order to meet the label's criteria, and to make our establishment an environmentally friendly accommodation, we ask for everyone's participation.

How to obtain the Clef Verte label?

Our establishment must meet more than 110 criteria to be able to receive this label. This involves criteria such as informing customers by staff, sorting waste, the proper use of cleaning products, the implementation of a smoking policy, and many more.

Our environment manager is Mrs Veronique Droux, General Manager of the hotel.



Water management

We use water pressure reducers for the taps. We installed a 5,000 L tank to collect rainwater. Cold and hot water sub-meters have been installed in the kitchen and in the spa. The establishment is equipped with double volume flushes. Our gourmet restaurant has been renovated, now we no longer use table linen other than towels. Pool towels are no longer automatically placed in the room but are available at the spa by presenting a towel card. Management of water consumption through monthly readings of all meters.

New: We have invested in kitchen equipment for the staff room to avoid individual rationing.

Project: The collected rainwater will be used for the reception toilets. The installation of retention basins for hazardous products.




Waste management

We collect and sort the waste in the hotel, the villas, the Spa. In each department, we collect the ink cartridges for recycling, sort the papers, glasses and others. Batteries and bulbs are also collected. In the kitchen, the frying oils are collected by TriAlp, a specialized company. We are working with the city of Annecy for the treatment of bio-waste: we are the pilot establishment on the project. A cardboard press has been set up to reduce our waste. We give preference to electronic mailings as much as possible rather than by mail. We are setting up digital displays to support customers in the sorting process in accordance with local regulations. We collect the miniatures of the soaps in the rooms to reuse them in the outbuildings. Room locks are fitted with rechargeable batteries as they need to be replaced. Returnable water bottles with filtered tap water have been installed in the rooms and in the seminar areas. We favor bulk and do away with individual packaging for breakfast, at the bar and for events served as a caterer.

New: We have installed a bio-digester which allows the sorting of green waste from all the services, in particular those from the kitchen, breakfast and the staff room. We have also eliminated plastic in the kitchen, which helps to limit pollution, but also to preserve the well-being of our customers. Plastic is a very harmful material both for the environment and for health.



Awareness of customers and employees


We educate our customers by broadcasting messages on TVs in their rooms. We inform our customers that we practice waste sorting and that they can also participate in their rooms. We make customers aware of the change of linen in the room through a display. Customers are welcome to bring their slippers if they wish. 100% natural essential oil diffusers are available on request from reception. The timetables for public transport in the region are available at reception to encourage customers and employees to use these means of transport. We provide customers with two electric terminals free of charge, including a Charger terminal at Destination Tesla allowing the simultaneous charging of two vehicles. The second terminal is equipped with 3 sockets: 1 x E / F (3.7 kW), 1xT2 (7 kW), 1xT3 (7kW). Two parking spaces are allocated for recharging vehicles. We also have a fleet of rental bicycles. A 45-kilometer cycle path runs along the lake and offers a ride linking the towns of Sévrier, Saint-Jorioz, Duingt, Doussard, Talloires, Menthon-Saint-Bernard, Veyrier-du-lac and Annecy to Albertville. We sent our 2020 wishes with an environmental message on a leaf to plant with flower seeds along with a pencil to plant for basil. In 2023, we sent our greetings mostly digitally.  We train our teams in eco-friendly practices, we ensure that they are respected in their daily tasks



Energy management

The hotel Les Trésoms is committed to the development of renewable energies, installed in 2004, 90m² of solar panels on the roof allowing the production of 70% of the heating of the hotel's domestic hot water. Les Trésoms hotel is equipped with: LED lighting A or A + or A ++ which allows energy savings and similar comfort for our customers, presence detectors and timers in common areas and corridors to limit the waste of energy, of a GTC (centralized technical management) allowing us to better control our energy consumption, an automatic system to turn off the lights and shut off the air conditioning in the absence of a customer, a high-efficiency condensing boiler and double-glazed windows.

Projects: We want to set up the calculation of our carbon footprint and continue installing electric sub-meters.



Responsible purchasing

We get our supplies from local producers (jam, peach, cheese, flowers, mushrooms, wines…). On request, customers can benefit from 100% natural Ecocert-labeled essential oil diffusers in their rooms. For our paper shipments, we use recycled paper envelopes. We use Eco-labeled paper. We have purchased reusable burlap bags which we distribute to our customers. The equipment is always renewed taking into account the environmental dimension and we never go back. We bought an electric robotic mower to reduce air and noise pollution, and also reduce our green waste since there is no visible residue after mowing. We have also equipped ourselves with a hedge trimmer and an electric chainsaw to reduce air pollution and noise pollution. The facility has implemented recycled, non-chlorinated toilet paper. As a replacement for bottled water, we offer network water that is filtered and carbonated on site.

News: The back office color printers have been replaced by an automated black and white copier with quality and color management. We have acquired dual screens for working comfort and to limit printing. We have offered all of our employees a partnership with an ecological dry cleaning service delivering to the hotel (savings on individual journeys and choice of an ecological service provider). The in-room room directory has been digitized using our new EONA TV interface. We have also joined the local currency, La Gentiane, to promote a circular economy.



Living environment

We have set up a vegetable garden where we grow aromatic plants and some fruits. Since 2014, a collective apiary has emerged on our tree at the entrance of the hotel. Allowing the installation of an apiary where 800,000 bees forage in our park and renew nature for the common good is an innovative environmental project that is sustainable. Pollination increases the flora. The result is also reflected in the fauna which benefits from the good health of the plant world. It is an effective way to preserve bees because their population is experiencing a very sharp decline. This decrease has negative repercussions on nature but also on humans. The companies we contacted were immediately won over by the project, and Alpina Savoie, Clinique Générale d'Annecy, Ciminfo, LMConseil, Takamaka, Apave SudEurope, Fromagerie Gay, Margain Marée, Techinnov are partners in this action. These companies joined this project for all the values ​​it represents: sharing in a network, discussing the same issue, taking concrete action for the environment and communicating in an original way.

We favor the use of eco-labeled products for maintenance, gardening, ... Products which limit their chemical content, favoring environmentally friendly suppliers.

Projects: Our project is to create staff housing close to the hotel instead of choosing the city center to limit the comings and goings by car of staff.



Sustainable business relationships with suppliers and service providers

We take advantage of commercial negotiations with its suppliers to ask them to improve their environmental practices "reducing packaging, finding alternatives to disposable plastics, recycling pallets, etc.". We promote direct purchasing without intermediaries, from local producers. We promote direct room booking without middleman and favor the customer with cheaper prices directly. We select our service providers and suppliers based on their sustainable and social commitments and instead favor local businesses. We establish for our suppliers a shared responsibility charter incorporating progress objectives.



Responsible marketing and communication 

We promote information on biodiversity and the life of bees by distributing the magazine "the Butineur". We have our own "elementerre" CSR brand, which allows us to officially join an active approach and improve our responsible management practices and establish new objectives to reduce our impact on the environment.

Project: Display the energy production of solar panels in order to enhance our environmental approach and the calculation of CO2 emissions.



Contributions to sponsorship and solidarity activites

Nous recyclons et soutenons les ressourceries locales et donnons notre ancienmatériel, mobilier et linge de maison. Nous soutenons l’association « La Gentiane » : monnaie locale du bassin annécien qui favorise les achats locaux ; notre établissement accepte La Gentiane comme moyen de paiement. Nous favorisons le recyclage de notre matériel auprès des associations caritatives du bassin annécien pour leur donner une seconde vie. Nous soutenons par convention de partenariat l’apnéiste Stéphane Tourreau vice-champion du monde. Stéphane Tourreau étant très engagé dans la préservation des lacs de montagne. Nous soutenons par convention de partenariat le Tennis Club des marquisats, club voisin. Nous soutenons les associations sportives annéciennes « AVOC, le Marathon d’Annecy, Les petits Princes… » en participant à la dotation des athlètes. Nous répondons favorablement aux sollicitations diverses des écoles ou clubs pour leurs dotations lors des évènements qui font la vie de ces écoles ou de ces clubs.
Nous soutenons les associations pour la recherche médicale en organisant des manifestations et en récoltant des dons aux profits d’associations comme « Les restos du coeur », « A chacun son Everest » … Nous participons à la distribution de repas gratuit pour les plus démunis. « La soupe des chefs" du Lions Club, Les restos du coeur… » Nous soutenons l’association « Demain Le Film » qui réalise un documentaire sur les alternatives écologiques et humaines autour d’Annecy en proposant nos salles de travail.



Our commitments as a responsible employer

We are implementing an incentive policy on mobility by setting up a bonus for our employees coming to work by bicycle. We are implementing a policy to improve working conditions; the replacement of the gas stove developing heat and radiation by an electric cold piano to be defined. We are eliminating the use of bleach, which is irritating to the respiratory tract and toxic to aquatic organisms, and for general maintenance we use mostly eco-labeled products which reduce the risks to the health of workers. We organize the apprenticeship day to promote their inclusion and promote the trades in our sector. We actively participate in the training of young apprentices with the teaching teams of hotel and aesthetic schools. We actively participate in the training and inclusion of employees with disabilities and in the adaptation of workstations. We defend human values ​​of equal opportunities; we are committed to gender parity and equality.

To find out more about the challenges of safety and well-being at work, we invite you to watch the video from Carsat Rhône-Alpes.



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