A welcome sculpture for Les Trésoms Hotel

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the hotel's takeover, Veronique, Pascal Droux and the entire team have embarked on an original artistic project :

To give the hotel a contemporary sculpture that would give guests
a unique welcoming experience.



25 years of
of Art de Vivre

Like a never-ending happy surprise, Hotel Les Trésoms is writing
its history day after day.

Built in 1860, Les Tresoms has had a thousand lives before Veronique and Pascal Droux took over the hotel in February 1998. 

When they arrived, the situation was clear: everything had to be redone. The Savoyard-style residence, once adorned with the Art Deco elegance of the 1930s, had lost some of its splendour. But, determined to complete the challenge, they embarked on several years of renovations. 

Today, they are at the helm of an establishment with 52 rooms and two villas, two restaurants (one of them Michelin-starred), a spa and 1.5 hectares of parkland. Over the years, this former residence has become a veritable Annecian hotel institution, nestling between lake and mountains, where the charm and panoramic views leave no one indifferent.



and ethical practices

Committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, Hotel Les Trésoms incorporates sustainable and ethical practices into every aspect of its business. Water, waste and energy management, local sourcing and employee well-being.

We are continually seeking to reduce our impact on the environment.

Since 2004, 90 m² of solar collectors have been integrated into the roof, enabling them to heat
70% of domestic water.

We have been awarded the Clef Verte label since 2011 for our high-performance environmental approach.

In the kitchen, Eric Prowalski, the chef at La Rotonde des Tresoms, applies the same approach:
sourcing from short supply chains and respecting the seasons.



behind the scenes of the project

The welcome sculpture at Hôtel Les Trésoms transcends the boundaries of traditional art to become an integral part of the hotel experience.

Through the mastery of sustainable materials, ingenious design and attention to detail, this sculpture is much more than an ornament - it becomes a welcoming icon, linking past, present and future for all those who have the privilege of contemplating it.

It becomes a silent witness of the passing seasons and the unforgettable moments experienced by the hotel's guests.


A collective

Putting the spotlight on local artist is one of the company's core values.

The team at ESAAA, the Ecole Supérieure d'Arts de l'Aglomération d'Annecy, is a close neighbour that is helping us to bring this project to life by providing support at every stage.

In addition, two young graduate from the school, Nathan Willerval and Lorca Devanne Langlais, have been asked to work on the project. They were each asked to produce 3 proposals to meet the specifications imposed.



A local

Nathan Willerval was born in Annecy and lives in Rumilly, on the edge of the Bauges natural park.

A former graduate of ESAAA (Ecole Supérieure d'Arts de l'Aglomération d'Annecy), he has been working since 2021 on a large range of projects that varies with the seasons among outdoor activities
(gardens, observation of the living, questions about the landscape) and studio work
(structures and constructions, sculptures, crafts).
Through reuse, he recycles, diverts and gives a new life to objects and craft practices.

Living things are being tasted through his observations and experiments.
The garden becomes a sculpture in motion, and the landscape it attempts to traverse becomes a subject. 

His quest is to protect and serve trees.



A company project
A collaborative adventure

After asking ESAAA to select two artists for the sculpture project, Veronique and Pascal Droux wanted to include all their employees in the process.

The various stages of the project involved :

A meeting and discussion with the two artists about their proposals and their universes within the hotel.
An internal vote to choose the work that, best meet the specifications, as well as the values of the establishment.
Visits to the Ecole Supérieure d'Art de l'Agglomeration d'Annecy (ESAAA) and Nathan's studio brought us all together around this artistic project.





Often regarded as the initial draft of the work to come, the sketch
plays an essential role in the creative process.
It allows artists to visualise and explore their ideas, redefine their conception
and establish a clear direction for the creation of the sculpture.
Nathan Willerval made various sketches of his project,
to guide him in the design process.



An artisanal and unique

Surrounded by a few low-lying rock or water plants, the sculpture is subtly accompanied by plants that offers different visuals depending on the season and flowering.

Created by the artist in his studio, this sculpture is a unique piece of craftsmanship, using his skills of masons, plumbers, blacksmiths, painters and welders.

The borrowing and misappropriation of certain construction techniques has enabled us to question certain building materials and share moments of artistic creation with craftsmen.


Chairs, Flowers and Bouquet Stool
Nathan Willerval


"A series of simple gestures relating to the human relationship with trees, such as sitting next to a large tree, lying down under its branches to enjoy its shade, or climbing inside to find shelter and protection.

Chairs and armchairs are often combined to form garden furniture that can be lived in. Galvanised steel is combined with a plant composition, using gardening as an artistic medium in motion. Nature soothes... Its organic curves inspired this romantic, contemplative sculpture.

The nostalgic character of this period is celebrated in this sculpture that pays homage to tin garden objects."


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