Our environmental values

While the revival of our establishment rises to an economic challenge, the values of entrepreneurship are those we hold most dear. It is possible to strive towards activism and environmental actions while still pursuing our business objectives: reintegration, training and environmental awareness...



Local products 

We prefer locally sourced food products: we have our own organic garden and work with local producers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.




The apiary

We are engaged in an innovative environmental sustainability project to install an Apiary where 800,000 bees can forage in our park and renew nature for the common good. Pollination enables an increase in flora. This then has an impact on wildlife, which can enjoy healthy plant life. It is also an effective way to preserve bees as their population has been falling sharply. This decline is causing a negative impact on nature but also on humans.


The companies we contacted were instantly intrigued by the project and have become partners of the initiative: Alpina Savoie, la Clinique Générale d'Annecy, Ciminfo, LMConseil, Takamaka. These companies became involved in the project because of all the values it represents: engaging together towards a single issue, taking real action for the environment, and communicating in an original way.



Drive green 

We offer two electric terminals free of charge with a Tesla charger allowing two vehicles to be charged at the same time. The second terminal is equipped with 3 sockets: 1 x E/F (3,7 kW), 1xT2 (7 kW), 1xT3 (7kW). Two parking spaces are allocated for charging vehicles.

We also have a fleet of bikes for rent. There is a 45-km bike path running along the lake connecting the towns of Sévrier, Saint-Jorioz, Duingt, Doussard, Talloires, Menthon-Saint-Bernard, Veyrier-du-lac, and Annecy to Albertville.




The sun is our energy

We are we equipped 90 m² of solar panels to heat our water supply and pool. Electricity is produced using limited natural resources. Help us save it: please turn off the light before you leave your room.



We save water

We have water-savers on all taps as well as a rainwater recovery tank used for watering plants. Water is an essential resource for our life on Earth, please help us preserve it.



We recycle

We sort our waste for recycling. Please leave your plastic packaging, cans and newspapers on your desk... Our staff will drop them in the collection container.



La faune et la flore 

L'hôtel Les Trésoms Lake & Spa Resort s'inscrit dans un environnement préservé entre lac et montagnes. L'hôtel est niché dans la forêt du Semnoz au cœur des massifs des Bauges. L'endroit idéal pour apercevoir au petit matin de belles biches venir dans notre parc pendant le petit déjeuner. En vous baladant sur les sentiers du Semnoz vous pourrez croiser des mouflons, chamois, chevreuils,... pour le plus grand plaisir des petits et des grands ! Le lac d'Annecy est aussi riche d'une faune et d'une flore préservée. Les roselières protégées du lac abritent une faune et une flore très diverses. Vous pourrez ainsi voir les cygnes blancs du lac, les canards plongeurs, les foulques, les mouettes rieuses, les grenouilles. Dans l'eau du lac d'Annecy vous pourrez retrouver des poissons comme la légendaire féra, l'omble chevalier, la tanche... A la pointe du lac, vous retrouverez la réserve naturelle du Bout-du-lac à Doussard où vous pourrez vous balader entre sous-bois, rive de torrent, prairie en friche, roselières... L'hôtel Les Trésoms est dans un environnement naturel qui séduira tous les amoureux de la nature.


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